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Action Agent are a hardcore/punk band hailing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA. The band is comprised of childhood friends, some who've known eachother since the age of five. It's members share a deep passion for music; more importantly music with meaning. Though Action Agent seemed to arrive on the scene overnight, it's members spent more than a year laying down the foundation of the band's sonic & visual manifestation that you hear and see today. Action Agent released their self titled deubt EP in March 2018. Produced by the band, recorded by guitar player Austin Diaz and mixed & mastered by John & Joel LaRosa of Listen Loud, the EP embodies character and personality that of hardcore, punk and metal roots. Their Debut EP also saw the co-release of "FRAG OUT!, a cinnamon amber ale brewed exclusivley for the band by Wyatt Laney - the owner & brewmaster of local Fort Lauderdale brewpub, Beer Punx.

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